Friday, June 15, 2012

Knights of MicroFiction

Yep, you guessed it.  It's time for the KoMF!  To join in, just post your entry by the end of today, and leave a link to your post in the comments.  Then, go check out as many entries as you can!  By the 17th, Kathy and I will choose two winners to feature on our blogs.

Here's the prompt:
Write a flash fiction in 200 words or less beginning with the phrase:  Her eyes shot open...
You are free to change the gender and POV if you want.

Okay, so here's my entry.  It was modified from my WiP (The Inferiors).  Altighty, here it is:

Her eyes shot open, but they found only darkness.  The room was unclear before her, but she didn’t have to see.  She knew exactly where she was.
She sat up, knowing it was probably time to see how they were doing.  Surely they couldn’t fly this ship together without getting into another ridiculous argument.
A wave of cold washed over her as if all the air had suddenly vanished.  The deep scar on her arm burned.
“I was waiting for you,” said a masculine voice.
Her skin prickled at the sound.
“Show yourself,” she called, trembling with fear.
A figure near the other wall moved closer.  His deep green eyes became barely visible.  Her breath caught in terror, yet she couldn’t move.
He touched her shoulder and she flinched.
“He lied, you know,” he said.  “Deep down, you just know it.”
Her chest tightened.  She wanted to protest.  To call out and tell him he was wrong.  But she choked on the words.  They were dry and overused.  Pointless.
And in that horrifying moment, she realized she believed him.
“I’m coming back,” he said.  “And when I do, expect no mercy.”
And just like that, he was gone. 


So yep.  That's about it.  Out of context it's a little confusing but hope you enjoyed the confusing-ness :)

Okay, here's the list of awesome people who have already posted their entries:

  1. Ashna Banga
  2. Fairbetty
  3. Nick Wilford
  4. Aldrea Alien
  5. Usama
  6. Esther Jones
Oh, and of course Kathy.

Have fun!



Angela Brown said...

What a tense piece! And that ending. Very good. Leaves the reader hungry for more.

fairbetty said...

Yipe! "I'm coming back... and when I do, expect no mercy."

Great piece :)

Julie Dao said...

SCARY! I don't know what I'd do if I woke up in a dark room and some dude was there whispering about "no mercy" :D Excellent flash piece!

Nick Wilford said...

Wow, that was really tense. I liked your short paragraphs which added to the effect. I'd like to know more about this WIP!

Ashna Banga said...

Oh wow. This is brilliant! No wonder you're a teenage writer! :D Not confusing, gripping and makes me want more of it! I love this! I'm glad I participated! :)

Heather Murphy said...

Hi Jessica. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I love this prompt. How long are you going to keep it running?

Esther Spurrill-Jones said...

A very gripping piece. Tense.

I've just posted mine. :)

Usama said...

This was an example at how to attempt a prompt such as this. Great!
Would love to know more of the WIP. :)

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