Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Everything's Spinning Out of Control!!

Ever feel like no matter how long you work during the day, it's never enough?

Well then, don't worry, you're not alone, I know exactly how you feel right now. I could not be more swamped with life in general. Not that that's a bad thing…if you're not busy then I guess you're not living every moment to the fullest, but damn it can be so stressful!

Anyway, today is the IWSG, and I know I'm really late in posting, but here goes anyway.

I'm really insecure about how my blogfest is going to go on Friday. And I'm insecure about what people will think of my writing.

I know we're not supposed to care what other people think, and you should only write the story you want to write. And I did write the story I wanted to write, but I'm just afraid that other people might not like that story as much as I liked writing it.

It's a silly fear, I know, but a very real one, at that.

Anyway, the Kindle edition of From the Ashes goes live on Friday!

So I'm really excited about that, but it's still really scary. Not only will my book be available to people, it'll be very accessible! That's a great thing, but I'm so scared about it! The more people that read it, the more chances my baby has to be not liked. Or liked, but I'm clearly not afraid of that.

For those of you that have already signed up, I promise, I'm sending the info you need for my blogfest TONIGHT. Some of you have asked for me to send it, and I felt really bad that I hadn't already, but life has just been so pushy lately I haven't gotten to it.

If you'd like to sign up, it's going to be on Friday and you can sign up below.

  1. Sign up on the linky list below
  2. Grab the blogfest button above
  3. On Friday, March 8th, tell us about a time when you or your character was thrown into a trial by fire situation. What biggest fears did you or your character have to face? What sort of situation would test you to the fullest?
  4. Post the pre-written info I will send you by email with the cover and a few more details about From the Ashes

Thanks so much, you guys, you're awesome!!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I won't be participating, but I will definitely mention it again. And I will be purchasing your book!

Jess said...

Alex~ Thanks so much! You're the best :)

Julia King said...

Oh how I understand being swamped. Working full-time, having a life, sleeping, eating, blogging... It all takes so much time and sometimes writing is pushed to the backburner. Silly! We can do it.

Congrats on your book's soon-to-be release. :)

Great blogfest idea!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Being swamped just means life is moving along with an extra suitcase. I'm sure that your book is great and can't wait for Friday.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Congrats on your books release. Wishing for its success.

Miranda Hardy said...

I'm sure everything will go well. I'm excited to read your book, but we all understand your fears.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, everything will go well! No matter what career you look at, there is always opposition. There will always be someone out there who dislikes you -- and when it comes to writing, your book. But, you can't please everyone, and that's okay. The people who will like your book are the people that you want to focus on. Just keep doing your best, and writing what you love. The right people will come to it, and love it. The others don't matter. :)

Looking forward to Friday!



sjp said...

As long as you love it and enjoyed every second of writing it then people will love it too :P

Nick Wilford said...

Congrats and happy Launch Day! I'm sure your book will go down well. From what I've read of your flash fiction, your talent isn't in question!

I'm sorry I didn't sign up for the blogfest as I wasn't sure I'd have time to write a story. I didn't manage it, but I gave you a shout on my blog today anyway!

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