Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Biggest News in the Galaxy!

Yes, you heard me!

Okay. I know a lot of people weren't happy with Star Wars I, II, and III, but honestly I loved them. So, you can't blame me when I say I'm OVERLY EXCITED about Star Wars VII, scheduled to come out in 2015.

Apparently George Lucas handed over Lucas Films to Disney. And they're planning not only a Star Wars VII, but a Star Wars VIII and IX.

So yeah.

I'm totally freaking out!

Of course, I can't help being a little nervous. Like, I'm a huge nerd. So I've read a lot of the books (before and after the original stories), and I'm really hoping the movies are just as good.

Not that they would, but I really hope they don't change the casting for The Clone Wars TV series, because Matt Lanter is Anakin Skywalker's voice, and he's such a great actor! (Not so bad on the eyes, either…)

Okay, enough said. I'll let George do the rest of the explaining.

Am I really that nerdy, or are you guys a little excited too? What do you think? Did you like the prequel trilogy? Are you excited for the new ones? 

--Jess has more info.

Oh, also, Happy Halloween! Trick or Treating was moved to Sunday, here, because of hurricane Sandy. It's been raining for three days straight now. Luckily, I wasn't going trick-or-treating anyway, so my mom just bought me a big bag of candy :)

Who's ready for NaNoWriMo tomorrow?


Esther Spurrill-Jones said...

I also liked episodes I, II, and II. I always knew there would be more movies, even while everyone was saying no way. I just knew it. :D

russell1200 said...

I assume by 1,2, 3, you are not refering to what us older folks would call 4,5,6 based on order of actual appearance in the theater.

Jess said...

Esther~ Yay!!! Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the "only's" who likes the new trilogy!

russell1200~ Quite right. Lol :)

Raz Darnell said...

Hey! Great blogs think alike!

I'm not a huge Star Wars fanatic, but I weighed in anyway.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Yay George Lucas!

Jeff Hargett said...

And so the torch passes...

Anonymous said...

Ah, I really don't know how I feel about this! I think it's great that they're bringing more Star Wars stories to life, but I feel like Star Wars is such a great thing that shouldn't be disturbed. It's perfect like it is, if that makes sense. I guess we'll just have to see what happens! :)

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