Sunday, May 1, 2016


My A to Z Challenge theme is (was): characters from my trilogy, From the Ashes.

Y is for…


So many years have passed since the rise of computers in human society that it is sometimes referred to as The End of Ancient History. The story of how the Imperial Alliance rose to power goes something like this.

Ancient History – The beginning of civilization, lasting to the dawn of the age of technology

The End of Ancient History – Humans build a space station on the moon, which marks the end of ancient history.

World War III – The Earth and humanity plunge into the Third World War. This creates chaos. Nuclear weapons are used once again, and many people die, creating many areas that are inhospitable. The war is short.

Formation of The Global Alliance – Every independent nation on Earth decides to join a global senate. The nations become like individual states.

The Age of Terraform – Humans begin to colonize Mars, then venture out to moons of the gas giants. They learn to terraform. They also discover faster means of communication between planets and moons, and faster ways of traveling by experimenting with different sources of power.

The Second Age of Exploration – Humans discover the first signs of life on other worlds. The hyperfield is discovered, which is a faster means of transportation, similar to the idea of using a wormhole to travel.

The Great Flood – Back on Earth, the ice caps have been melting for centuries. Because of widespread ignorance, the people of Earth don't try to preserve the environment, which results in the ice caps melting completely down the permafrost. This creates a mass panic on Earth.

The Second Age of Enlightenment – Humans discover another race of intelligent life on another world. These intelligent "aliens" point humans in the direction of other intelligent or semi-intelligent races, spread here and there around other star systems.

The Treaty of Planets – Each planet with intelligent life on it signs a treaty with humans so that they do not declare war on each other. They all learn from each other and technology progresses quickly for everyone.

The Galactic Alliance is born – People (which is the term now used for all intelligent life) decide on creating a form of government for all of them to participate in. Yet after 400 years, the Galactic Alliance grows corrupt.

The Century of Darkness – Without a government, there is widespread panic and fear of war breaking out anywhere or everywhere.

The Great Stellar Wars – Groups of terrorism fight for power among cities, continents and even star systems. The group that won replaced the Galactic Alliance with the Imperial Alliance.

Every year in the Imperial Alliance is based off of a full 365 day Earth year. The years are measured in ASW (After the Stellar Wars).


Z is for…

Zorin Viraak

I am a lost soul. I died before I knew my son, Dezar too well. I was killed in a street fight. I had my own business, I ran from poverty and from the life my parents had. I wanted to do better. So I did my best.

I met Anya in a crash. Her transport had smashed into mine and injured me badly. She and her mother lived alone together, and over the few weeks, they took care of me. I fell in love with Anya very quickly. I married her, and we were so happy together. There is a lot I could tell you about, about how difficult my life was, but it was beautiful. Every moment was worth it because of Anya.

She made every day worthwhile.

My life was short, but complete.


I know I'm a day late, but HAPPY END OF THE A TO Z CHALLENGE!!!


Have a lovely day :)



Optimistic Existentialist said...

This was very creative...some of these would make awesome movie storylines :) congrats on the completion of the A-Z challenge!!

Mark K said...

Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge. Oddly,this years there seemed to be far fewer visitors, so unsure if others taking part experienced this or not?

Good luck for the rest of 2016 and your writing :)

-b9 said...

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