Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorite Fonts

There aren't very many times that I take a moment and look back at everything I've done. It feels like only yesterday that I couldn't focus on writing at all. I was probably only nine years old. I would write parts of a story, then get distracted by the formatting of the page.

I didn't like writing in only black letters. Every five minutes, I'd change the color of the words. When I got really bored, I'd change the colors of the individual letters. Okay, big waste of time, I know, but whatever.

The funny thing is, to this very day, boredom of formatting tends to distract me. Not as much as it used to, (thank goodness) but if I'm not writing in a font I like, I can't write. Well, I can, but the writing doesn't tend to be as good.

I love the font Calibri. I wrote my novel in Calibri.

I like Trebuchet and Helvetica. I also like Arial. Only if it's small, though.

Those are fonts that are pretty easy for me to write in. Of course, there's the other side of the story.

I can't write in Times Roman. Or Times New Roman. Or Times. Those three are almost exactly the same, so I can't write in any of them. Unless I'm writing non-fiction. For some reason, if I'm writing non-fiction, like a report or something, I can use those.

I really don't like Verdana or Courier. They both remind me of what kids my age call 'the olden days' where people only had typewriters.

The funny thing is, my mom (over at Imagine Today) cannot use Calibri. She only writes in Times New Roman, which I totally don't get. It turns off my creative process. Like a brick wall or something. So far, my favorite is Calibri.

(This sentence is in the font Calibri. The next one is too.)

I think Calibri is my favorite font, mostly because it got me through an entire novel and helped me through my second one.

It seems silly, I know, but somehow it makes a difference.

Do you guys ever get distracted with formatting? Do you have a favorite font?



Liz said...

Gigi. My favorite font is Gigi. But I wouldn't want to write a novel in it. For novel writing, I prefer Tahoma.

Then again, Black Cherries is fun sometimes.

Christie Wright Wild said...

My favorites are Arial, Verdana, and Tahoma. Calibri is the standard default font. Editors tend to prefer Times New Roman, though. My favorite FOR FUN fonts are Comic Sans, Jokerman, and Curlz.

Reiko said...

I never thought to write down the thoughts I've had about fonts, but I have them nevertheless. Whenever the ones I don't like show up, I get annoyed by them. The only one I like is Calibri.

Jillian said...

Hmmm, interesting topic! I've always written essays in Times New Roman, and I've fallen in love with Georgia for my blog. With my fiction writing, though, I'm somehow less picky; I usually stick with the default (Calibri or Courier New, depending on the program), even though I'm not a huge fan of either. Weird.

Charlie Rice said...

I use Calibri because it's the default font for my version of Word and I got used to it. I do think about fonts from time to time and consider which font would better suit my story. Obviously, those worries are premature as I should be perfecting my craft first. :)

Kelley said...

Times New Roman is too official; I completely agree

Charmaine Clancy said...

It does make a huge difference for writing and reading, there are whole degrees you can take in typography and Helvetica has it's own documentary.

I also like Calibri and hate Times. I only use Arial for reports and non fiction. Serifs are easier on the eye when you're reading long chinks of text like novels.

Of course if we didn't have fonts to distract us, we'd start stressing about which shade of white our paper should be :)

Wagging Tales

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica!
I love Georgia and Cambria the best. I do not like Calibri at all. It honestly depends on what I'm writing. Like you, I get distracted and change the fonts all the time until it looks just right. I get bored of fonts easily. Times is okay, though I wouldn't write a book with it. I like Georgia for articles (newspapers, like the New York Times, write their articles in Georgia online), but right now the story I'm writing is in Arial, size 10. Like you, I cannot stand large Arial! I like Lucida Sans Unicode, but not for stories- for websites. I like Trebuchet MS as well, but again not for stories. Isn't it weird how we all have our different "tastes" in fonts?
-Kate :)

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