Wednesday, January 25, 2012

YA Highway: RTW

Okay, this is the first time I've done the weekly Road Trip Wednesday over at YA Highway. Today the prompt is:

Write a dialogue between two of your favorite YA characters.

I'm going to bend the rules a little bit and use a character from my book versus one of the characters in the book I'm reading. Alright, here I go!

JAINA: "Excuse me, sir, do you need help with that?"
LEO: (Looks up from pile of metal) "Nah, it's fine."
JAINA: "Are you sure?"
LEO: "Yeah, I've had to fix a lot worse..." (starts fiddling with the machine parts, nervously)
JAINA: (Stands watching, not sure what to do) "What are you going to do with it?"
LEO: "I'm going to fix it."
JAINA: "It looks pretty messed up to me."
LEO: "I can fix anything."
JAINA: "Really?" (she raises an eyebrow.)
LEO: (nods then mutters something to himself.)
JAINA: "What's your name?"
LEO: (looks at her but doesn't reply)
JAINA: "Well, it was nice meeting you. I should get going." (she stands up and starts to leave)
LEO: "See ya." (he waves and his hand lights with fire)
JAINA: "What was that?"
LEO: (quickly puts the fire out) "Nothin'. It's perfectly normal. Just a little issue I was born with."
JAINA: "Your hand just caught on fire."
LEO: "Like I said, it's perfectly normal."
JAINA: "Maybe you should take a break from fixing that."
LEO: (looks at the machine then at Jaina) "Okay, fine."
JAINA: "Come on, let's go. I'll get you something to eat."

A little random, I know but I couldn't think of anything else to write about today, lol. To see other entries, click HERE.

What YA characters would you like to see meeting up?



Crystal said...

I've not read the book that this Leo character is in, but dang. He wow is he ever calm about his hand catching fire, lol.

Bess Weatherby said...

His hand caught fire?? So which character is yours, and what book does the other come from??

Colin Smith said...

The "rules" didn't specify where the YA characters came from! Interesting pairing. :)

Jess said...

LOL I forgot to write that!

Leo is from Rick Riordan's THE LOST HERO book and Jaina is mine :)

Tracey Neithercott said...

I love Jaina's persistence. The boy's no match for her snooping ability. :)

Angela Brown said...

Hmmm...hand lights on fire and that's perfectly normal. I can see why Jaina would double back. Would be interesting to see what their lunch convo would be like :-)

Rebecca B said...

Hand lights on fire? I'm intrigued! I'd like to overhear the lunch conversation, too.

Lynda R Young said...

oh, interesting with the igniting hands.

The Golden Eagle said...

Great dialogue! And the fact his hand caught fire was definitely a surprise. LOL.

I'd like to see Katsa from Graceling and Fire from Fire (both by Kristin Cashore) meet. They're both strong, independent protagonists and they share similar characteristics, but in other ways they're very different.

Lora said...

Loved the dialogue between those two! And that his hand lights on fire. Very fun :)

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