Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Green Bay, Wisconsin and the Bookstore

Today is day six of our Wisconsin trip.

We're in Green Bay right now, and let me just say it's all about football.  At least where our hotel is (which is right outside Lambeau Field).

So while my dad was in business meetings all day yesterday, my mom, my siblings and I all took a nice trip to a pretty Botanical Garden.  So here's a few pics from there:

And then, we got to see a Green Bay Packers practice routine!  Now let me just say, I'm not a football fan.  Like, not at all.  I'd much rather read and write and draw or do something artistic.  But I have to admit, seeing a professional team up close, was pretty awesome.

And after the practice, we had a late night dinner at Lambeau Field.  We had the Wisconsin specialties:

Cheese Curds

And Beer Cheese Soup.
And then of course we had desert, which was an amazing Cookie Skillet Sunday, but we ate it too fast to be able to take a picture ;)

Today we've just done some relaxing... and more relaxing... and went to Barns & Noble.  It's sad, but I have to admit I haven't been to a book store in quite a while.  So when we went today, it was a thrilling experience!!

It was amazing seeing so many books by authors I know!

It was so cool.  And of course, I couldn't leave without convincing my mom to support two of the authors we know and love!


I FINALLY got those two books which I've been wanting to read FOREVER.  (Or at least since they came out lol).

Some Jedi Wisdom:  Hearing about fellow authors' books is cool.  Seeing their books for yourself in a bookstore... that's just awesome :)




Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome trip! I used to be a HUGE Packers fan and I would have killed to see a Packers practice in the Brett Favre era. But yeah, I'm sort of over football too. I always wondered what (if anything) you could do in GB besides football. Bookstores and botanical gardens -- sounds like a good time!

Dana said...

Glad you're having a good time! I used to live in Wisconsin, and you're right: football is king!

Sally said...

I don't understood football, American football, soccer or rugby. Here in the UK last week and all of this week we have Olympic Fever. Such great sportsmen and women in whatever sphere of sport, even watching stuff I know nothing about. You have to admire a person's dedication to their chosen sport. Your pictures are fantastic.

Chuck said...

Okay now I am beyond envious! I had plans to be at Family Night last Friday and could not make the trip. As someone who was born in Green Bay and has lived and died with the Packers since the 60's my pilgrimage to the land of green and gold is again delayed.

I bought one share of stock in the team last year and am now an offical "owner" of a professional sports team. Even not being a football fan, you felt the coolness of one of the most elite teams in the NFL...from the smallest city! I loved the pics Jess, and did I mention envy??

Anita said...

Those flower photos would be great framed!

fairbetty said...

What do you think of Wisconsin? I lived in Madison for 6 months once. It's such a pretty town.

Reiko said...

I love the way you take photos - so creative!! Love, Grandma

M Pax said...

I just did research on Green Bay and Madison for my newest book. The pictures are amazing. Looks like a fun time.

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