Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interview with Tizzy

Hey guys, today I'm interviewing one of the winners of the monthly bloghop called The Knights of MicroFiction.  So everyone welcome Tizzy!!

Good morning, Tizzy!  I hope you've had an amazing week so far!

My first question is:  When did you know you wanted to be a writer?  And what's you're WiP about?

I've wanted to be a writer ever since primary school when an inspirational teacher suggested it to me.  My current WiP is a YA urban fantasy novel.  It's about a tribe of people that bond with spirits of various African animals in order to gain super-human abilities.  There's a lot of action and drama, a steamy romance and a bit of African mythology thrown in.  At the moment it reads like a cross between The Lion King and Heroes, and I'm having a lot of fun writing it.

What books have most influenced you?

I grew up on fantasy novels like The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter, which has definitely influenced me to write novels with paranormal/fantasy elements and to enjoy world-building.  Lately I've been rather obsessed with dystopian novels like The Hunger Games and Divergent which feature kick-ass heroines, tons of action and a modern voice.

Ooh yes I love The Hunger Games and The Chronicles of Narnia!  The other two I really have to get around to reading... Lol.

Now, what is the most difficult aspect of writing for you?

I find it difficult to commit to a regular writing time, so sticking with a novel right until the end is hard, especially when self-doubt creeps in.  Too many half-finished manuscripts have been abandoned to the cobwebbed recesses of my hard drive because I lost faith in my writing ability.

Ah I know what you mean.  I've got about ten stories I've started but just never got around to finishing.

So what are your goals for the year?

My goals for this year are to finish the first draft of my WiP and start the first round of edits.  I'd also like to get into a more consistent blogging routine and read and review at least 24 books.

Wow, that's awesome!  I don't know about you but I'm a very slow reader.  So 24 books would be a lot for me!  Good luck!

How long have you been blogging and how has it improved your writing?

I've been blogging for about three years and the main thing it has helped me with is my self-esteem.  I used to be so afraid to share my poetry and stories with friends and even family for fear that it was no good, but starting a blog has helped me get over that and put my work out there for strangers to read.  Joining in with all the blogfests lets me practice my writing skills and gain valuable feedback from fellow writers and readers.  The blogging community is so supportive and their encouragement along with the awards and competitions I have won, has really boosted my confidence.

I completely agree!  And it's nice to know you're not the only one out there!

Anyway, what do you do when you're not writing?

Mostly I work in a pharmacy, but when I'm not popping pills (into bottles/dispenser trays, that is), I'm usually glued to the internet.  I enjoy visual sites like Polyvore and Pintrist where I can create mood boards and collages.  When I'm not online I like to read, dance, draw, play computer games and eat my weight in chocolate (but not all at the same time).

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I'm wildlife mad and generally prefer the company of animals to humans, so they usually feature predominantly in my stories.

That's awesome!!  Now unfortunately that's all the time we have today.

Thanks so much for joining us, Tizzy!  Good luck with all your writing and blogging!

Thanks for reading guys!  Go check out Tizzy's blog and congratulate/follow her!

Happy Wednesday :)



kmckendry said...

Great interview Jess and Tizzy!
A cross between Lion King and Heroes that sounds great!

Anstice Potts said...

Thanks Jess and Kathy! It was good fun x

running4him said...

Sweet post!!))

M Pax said...

Best on your writing goals this year, Tizzy.

Reiko said...

What a fascinating story line, Tizzy! Animals in Africa fascinate me, too. Great interview, Jessica and Tizzy! Love, Jessica's Grandma

Mark Murata said...

Very good interview. You interacted nicely with your guest.

Bonnee Crawford said...

Anything that's similar to the Lion King and Heroes must be awesome :) Best of luck to Tizzy! Thanks for sharing this interview.

Anonymous said...

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