Friday, August 3, 2012

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

(Screenshot on my iPhone of our location)

Right now, we are in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!  It's the first time we've ever been here, so here are some pictures I took :)
Breakfast table shot :)

Cute restaurant called Sopra we ate at.  The food was amazing!!

View from upstairs at Sopra (through a glass :)

Oh, and the giant spider that had a huge web on the window.

Outdoor pool at the Resort, at night
And, I'll leave you with these three beautiful pictures of the view from the outdoor pool balcony :)

Have an amazing weekend!



Heading to Madison, today!


Susan Francino said...

That's some beautiful photography! Have fun on your trip!

russell1200 said...

No trolls, no elves, no treasure?

Lake Geneva is the birthplace of Dungeons and Dragons.

Reiko said...

Did you stay at Grand Geneva, otherwise known as the former Playboy Mansion? We've stayed there once at an international event. So, just curious. Love, Grandma

Addy Rae said...

I live in Madison! (Although I'm vacationing at my parents right now.) I think you'll like it. It's advised not to actually swim in the lakes though because of run off and growth issues this year.

It's a beautiful city and very hippy and relaxed. I love it. Also, we can have chickens in our backyard! :)

Enjoy your trip! You might like the Olbrich Gardens on the south lake. They should have the butterflies garden still. (They raise butterflies in a hot house.)

Mark Murata said...

The giant spider! I was once listening to a sermon in a college chapel service, and I saw what appeared to be a giant worm-like creature approaching the preacher in mid-air.

It turned out to be a stray hair that was somehow floating in front of my eye. But for a moment, it seemed to be at the same distance as the pulpit.

KarenG said...

I think Wisconsin is beautiful. That's a state where I'd love to live. Gorgeous photos! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Chuck said...

Looks like a great place to play golf! I was born in Green Bay and was supposed to have been there this past Friday for the Packers Family night but couldn't make. You know I am one of the owners of the team, right? Have an amazing time in WI!

Bonnee Crawford said...

Ew to spiders... but what an amazing shot of the pool!!!! :D Hope you're enjoying your trip :)

Jared Peterson said...

Wow, it's gorgeous!

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