Monday, August 22, 2016


Hello my lovely friends!

I'm so sad that I've gotten so out of the loop with blogging. With The Inferiors coming out in September-ish I should really post a lot more and visit people, things are just getting so crazy!


ONE: I had to take my driving test three times in the past three weeks before I passed. The first time was just cause I sucked. The second time was because of a super mean lady, who didn't even let me finish my test. The third time, I finally passed because I took my test in a totally different place. So, the three weeks before I passed my test were filled with me driving everywhere so that I could pass. (I'm writing about this in detail on my other blog within the next few days).

TWO: I've been looking for a job. Well, more than looking. I've applied to a couple places, had a few interviews, and it seems that my luck might be changing for the better in that area. I'll emphasize it seems.

THREE: I'm starting college on the 29th! It's just at the local community college, but I'm so excited. I'm taking a few really cool classes, and I can't wait to get started.

So those are just three out of many examples on why I haven't been here. I know everyone hates excuses, so I'll try to make this the last time I ever make excuses for not blogging! The point is, it's been super hard to get editing done.

Though, I do have some VERY exciting news.

The book cover for The Inferiors finally came in.

I have no words to describe it. It's just perfect.

I haven't set up a cover release date YET. But within the next few days I'll have it all set up. So, stay tuned.

Overall, I just have to say: I am so proud of myself.

I hope that doesn't sound cocky to say. I honestly never think it's cocky or egotistical to be proud of oneself. So yes, I'm very proud of myself. And all of you should be proud of yourselves too for everything amazing you've done, and don't feel too humble to share it!

Question of today: what's something you've done recently, big or small, that you're proud of yourself for?

Have a lovely day everyone!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

IWSG Post… :(

Hi guys. Sorry I'm late posting today, but I've definitely been feeling a bit sorry for myself. It's really stupid and silly, but I've been very insecure.

First and foremost, I finally took my driving test today to get my license aaaaand…I failed.

Literally, I failed both parts of it.

I know it has nothing to do with writing at all, but I've been pretty upset about it since I took the test. Luckily, Ohio law says that I can take it again one week from today, which I'll be doing. So yes.

Anyway, it isn't just the driving stuff that's been making me feel insecure.

My wonderful, amazing editor, Nicole Zoltack is looking at The Inferiors right now. I've already started the publishing process on CreateSpace and they're in the process of creating my book cover, and that's freaking me out just a little bit too.

They created my cover for From the Ashes which turned out really great…

But I've just been incredibly anxious because I'm supposed to get it any day now. I've found myself refreshing my email over and over again like a crazy-clingy obsessive girlfriend (I sort of am though, ask my boyfriend haha).

So yes.

I want the cover to look really good but also have similar features to From the Ashes so that it ties in to the series. And I'm also nervous about getting my final draft done, once my editor sends my manuscript back to me. Oh lordy.

Anyway, that's what I'm insecure about this month.

How about you guys?

Visit other IWSG posts here. Thank you Alex Cavanaugh for hosting this!

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