Thursday, October 5, 2017

Winners for My Contest!

Hello friends!

So I told people who entered my contest that they would get a signed copy of my book of their choice a week from the contest, which obviously didn't happen. But a lot of people participated over at Alex's blog, and today I'm choosing two winners!

Unfortunately, pretty much everyone who played the game played it wrong, which is partly my fault because I turned the game Two Truths and a Lie into Two Lies and a Truth. The goal of mine was to guess which one was the truth and a lot of people tried to guess which one was the lie. Because of that, no one really got the answer correct, but that's okay!

I ended up picking two winners from a hat.

The winners are…




Congrats guys!

All you have to do is choose to win From the Ashes (#1) or The Inferiors (#2) and I'll send you a signed copy!

Have a lovely day!

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