Monday, July 30, 2012

I've been bad...

Guys, I'm embarrassed.

I just broke my amazing streak of posting every MWF of the year (except for when we were on a cruise in February.)  It was one of my New Year's Resolutions to keep a steady posting schedule for the entire year!

But I guess life finally caught up to me.

Hey, well at least I made it more than half-way through!

Still... I'm a little disappointed with myself.  Oh well.

How have you kept up with your New Year's Resolutions?


by the way, I'm being interviewed on T.Z. Wallace's blog sometime today, so check it out and comment!


Miranda Hardy said...

I never make resolutions. I just make goals throughout the year and try to stick with them.

You've done a great job with blogging.

Susan Francino said...

It happens! I am constantly making plans and goals throughout the year--often I stick with them, but sometimes you slip. :)

As far as New Years' Resolutions go, mine tend to be more abstract. I write them in my journal, feel inspired for a little bit, and then forget about them. Haha.

Blog-Epic: the adventure continues!

Unknown said...

THE INTERVIEW IS UP! Go check it out! Jessica is such an amazing talent!

David P. King said...

7 months is an amazing streak, so congratulate yourself. Off to check out your interview. :)

Anonymous said...

Holy fudge nuggets, 7 whole months? It sure beats my personal best of like. . . two weeks. Give yourself a break! We'll all pretend we didn't notice. ;) I'm going to check out the interview!

Kelley Lynn said...

I heard somewhere that you totally get a mulligan to use on your New Year's Resolutions. So as long as you haven't already used yours, you're fine ;)

Reiko said...

Great interview by Ms. T.Z. Wallace, Jessica!

Here is how I learned to set goals (later in my life) so that we – Type As – don’t beat ourselves on the head every time we don’t achieve them.

. Minimum – A breeze to achieve.
. Target – A stretch that I’d be very proud to achieve.
. Outrageous – Highly unlikely to achieve but what have I got to lose?

You are intrinsically, highly motivated – which is a wonderful thing. You must also learn to be kind to yourself. (This is what Grandpa reminds me every so often.) Life is to be enjoyed, doing what you love. It is not meant to be lived in guilt, anger, or fear; and if you are, that’s a sign that says, “You need to re-examine your life.”

Love, Grandma

Lauren said...

I came here from the interview. Two books finished and you're still a teenager? That's great!

Keep working!


Bonnee Crawford said...

Last year one of my friend's gave up fizzy drink for the year. She made it. This year, my resolution was to pass my final year. I'm down in Australia, so the school year is only half-gone and so far so good! :)

Unknown said...

I don't make New Years resolutions, too much wasted energy trying to keep them! Good luck with yours though!

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