Monday, October 10, 2011

Back In The Blogosphere

Wow, we're finally here and I'm loving the coffee and rain! Hopefully I'm back for good. Well, at least until the month in temporary housing is up, but let's not worry about that right now.

Okay, now to business.

I am exactly halfway done with editing my novel (give or take a chapter)! I can't believe I've already come this far, it's so exciting! I'm struggling to not explode from excitement because we're living in Seattle and because I'm halfway done! (Or maybe thats from the mocha latte I drank earlier...)

Anyway, I'm kind of torn. For the entire way here, we've only had one laptop (I ordered my own yesterday so that shouldn't be a problem anymore). So while my mom was writing on the computer, I really couldn't work on my current story. I was tempted to just watch the TV with my brother and sister, but Food Network doesn't hold my attention for very long. I'm not exactly the 'cooking' type. Besides, I've been feeling in a creative mood all week. The perfect time to write, right?

As of today, I've written down ten to fifteen different story ideas, all of them completely separate from my current novel. Each has about a paragraph of back-story and where I want the story to go. I'm proud of myself for that, but a little overwhelmed. What the heck am I going to do with ten new story ideas?

And that's not all. I've got the first few chapters of my sequel planned out. Like completely planned out. All I've got to do is write it.

So why don't I just go for it?

To be honest, I'm actually afraid for my first book. Am I giving it enough attention? Am I giving it too much attention? Should I start book two or just continue focusing on book one? Or should I take a break from this entire story after finishing my second draft and write something completely different? There are things in book two that would definitely help me edit book one but would I be cheating book one from my undivided attention? Gosh I'm so confused.

Do you guys have any advice? How far along are you in writing/editing a novel when you feel comfortable starting something new? Do you write the sequel right after book one or do you take a break and write something different?

I love hearing what you've got to say!


I'm trying to come up with a better blogging schedule. I think I'll be posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but we'll see. Thanks for stopping by!


Francesca Zappia said...

I've pretty much never been able to completely finish a book before I feel the need to write another one. But in terms of sequels--I've always heard to never start a sequel until you've got a book deal for it. >.< Sucky advice. I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'm already 70k words into my sequel right now.

My feelings on it? Write what you want to write while you can. When you've got an agent and a publisher and a deadline, write what you HAVE to write.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

You have to find what works best for you. When I'm in the thick of writing a novel I find it hard to focus on anything else. During editing it's a different matter because of the need for breaks. That's when I start coming up with ideas for the next story.

Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job.

Aldrea Alien said...

I tend force myself to write one story at a time, otherwise I'd never get any of them done. Pick the one that pulls at you the most and stick to it. If you’ve got the others written down, they’re not going anywhere.
On sequels, you can do them before the book deals and all (consider it a bonus that you can bring it out while writing a different story), just be mindful that the agent, or a publisher, whoever, may not want it. They’re unlikely to turn it down, if you're successful with the first. So I'd suggest writing it anyway if that's what you want to do.
On the editing ... I tend to print out mine so I can edit while the other half's on the computer (I edit better that way anyhow). So it's on a completely different schedule to my writing.

And there’s an award for you over on my blog. ^_^

richard p hughes said...

This is one of those things you have to figure out for yourself. At your age, I don't think it matters very much. Just do what you want to do and enjoy the process. When it comes time to earning a living, you'll make the decision then.

Laura said...

I got to the point in editing where I was a bit stuck, so I've put it away for a while whilst I get a plot outline together for NaNoWriMo in November (you're doing that right?) and write it. Then when I put that novel away to breathe after writing the first draft, I'll come back to the current one with fresh eyes. Good luck Jess

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