Friday, August 5, 2011

More Skating

Sorry I didn't post until really late today (I should say 'tonight'), but I've been skating all day long. Literally. We (meaning me and my sister) had skating camp all morning from 7:45 to 12:20am, ran home, ate lunch, then headed off to an ice arena an hour and a half away to do a dress rehearsal for an ice show. We got to skate with some really cool people, including some ice dancers who went to nationals.
We had an hour to just practice things, then a two hour break. We went and ate at a Panera Bread for our break and had a nice time. Then things got hectic once again. We rushed back to the ice arena, put on our dresses, and skated until about 8:30pm.
In fact, we only got home about a half hour ago. I'm exhausted, yet still, I feel that I need to get some 'work' done. When I heard that excuse come out of my mouth when my mom just told me to go up and shower, I realized that she must think I'm crazy. Get some work done? I've been working all day long! So the moment I'm done with this blog post I'm going to write more in my novel.
By the way, any ideas for anything dark? I'm writing a riddle for my book but I don't know what the answer to it should be yet... if you think of anything let me know.



Talli Roland said...

Wow, you sound really busy, Jess! The skating sounds amazing.

Jess said...


Jenna said...

You must have been so tireing that day. Hope you had fun at the show ( I'm pretty sure it was Saturday) Cant wait to are you at Syncro camp Im so excited.

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