Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where To End

I just got home from the Ice Arena about a half hour ago, and don't have anything planned for the rest of the day. Meaning I can spend the rest of the day sitting at my computer typing away. This is usually a typical day for me, except for the fact that I am coming closer and closer to finishing my very first novel.

I'm not sure what to think about this. I really loved writing this story, and though it's going to be a series novel, I'm going to miss it. I keep reminding myself that this is only the first draft, and that I'll have to edit it for most of the school year, but that's not the same as creating something new and beautiful. (Not always beautiful but still.)

The last story I wrote was about fifty pages long double spaced, which is saying something since I was around eleven years old. But going from a fifty page story to a full YA Novel? I realized that starting a story isn't my problem. It's finishing it that gives me trouble. And how do you finish a story? Does everything just suddenly work itself out? I'm not 'stuck' in the writer's block sense, but it's just thinking about what comes next. What do I do when I'm actually 'done'?

I guess I shouldn't worry too much about that yet. Even though the end of book one is near, it's not actually finished yet and I've still got so much work to do.

Speaking of, I should probably get back to work anyway.



I'm going to be posting poetry every once in a while and putting them onto the 'Poetry' page.


kmckendry said...

Can't wait to read your finished work! :)

Alyssa said...

ya me too!

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