Monday, February 27, 2012

No, I Usually Don't Post Twice In One Day, But...

Today is an exception. Mostly because I've got a ton of stuff going on this week. I'll talk more about that later, though :)

Anyway, I accidentally (well, not quite accidentally) signed up for the Get Fired Up Blogfest hosted by Melissa Sugar. And the deadline for that blogfest is Wednesday. I hadn't quite thought about how busy I already am this week but I really wanted to do this. Well, at least try.

So, that's why I'm posting twice today.

The point of the Get Fired Up Blogfest is to help other awesome writers who don't have as many followers get more followers.

Anyway, for the first part of this blogfest, I'd just like to say that the following people are awesome. So please check out their blogs and follow them!

Fairbetty at Fairbetty's World
       Rena at Dr. Faerie Godmother
          T.Z. Wallace at One Year to Book Launch
                  Alyssa at Life is Good
                       Aldera Alien at Thardrandian Thoughts

These guys are super cool and I think you'd love them! I'll do more with this on Wednesday, but for now just go give them some support! Thanks :)


(P.S.) Still trying to win the popular vote for the First Challenge of the Campaign so if you'd like to read my entry you can go HERE. And then go HERE to vote (if you like it. I'm entry #19)


Alyssa said...

Thanks Jess!! :)

Rena said...

Thanks Jess, and did I mention I'm totally digging the StarTrek feel of your blog?

fairbetty said...

Jess, YOU are totally awesome. And thanks. A bunch. I'm working on my KOMF entry right now. Flash fiction is SO good for honing those writing skills...

Laura said...

Hi Jess -
I'm sorry I haven't stopped by in an age - hope you're well! I'm just off to meet your people... blog looks lush by the way
Laura x

Anonymous said...

I would sign up for this, but I'm a bit blogfested out. ;)

I'll check out the links.

Krista McLaughlin said...

I think I'm a little blogfested out too. But have fun!

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