Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Lost

L is for Lost

The world is in darkness.
You may not see it through the cloudless skies, but the world has become dark. It’s easy to lose yourself here. It’s easy to forget what you were and accept what they’ve done. Because if you don’t, they’ll come back.
We’ve lost hope.
And I can’t remember.
I’ve lost myself.


I have to say, after listening to the song I'm about to give you guys, I got a ton of inspiration. A few minutes ago, I just put my playlist on shuffle, and this song that just happened to start with the letter L seemed perfect for today's flash fic.

Anyway, here is Lost by Within Temptation:

I got a huge story idea after listening to this song. (I get tons of inspiration from the music I listen to). So yeah, I'm like, jumping up and down in excitement right now!

Don't you guys just love it when you get a story idea? I think it's just about one of the most exciting things ever. The annoying thing is when you don't write it down, and then you forget it. So I'm going to make the rest of this post really short so that I don't lose it!

Also, WiP update: 94,000 words!!!!!!

I don't know if I mentioned it, but my goal has been to have 100,000 words by April 15th. I actually think I might have a chance!

Okay, so, going over to write my idea down, and hopefully I'll have time to do some bloghopping later.

Have a Lovely day!!



Cortney Pearson said...

Congrats on your WIP! That's awesome. I get inspiration from music too. I got the idea for one of my books from a song by Shiny Toy Guns. :)

T. Z. Wallace said...

Wonderful new on the WIP. Yes, I LOVE it when inspiration strikes. I know you can make that goal! So proud of you!!!!

Fairview said...

Thanks for the lovely poem and song. And congratulations on the writing progress.

Reiko said...

Once again, your poem makes me wonder who you were in your previous life - for you to be able to describe a situation with such deep sense of emotion. I love the you that writes about writing, my precious granddaughter. Love, Grandma

Sally said...

Good luck with getting your idea written down - don't get distracted.

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