Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Revenge

R is for Revenge

Burning rage in my soul.
They took her from me.  I let the enemy take her from my arms.  If I had fought harder, maybe I could have saved her.  But this was not my decision to make.
These prison bars are strong, but they don’t imprison my hate.
And when I am free, they all shall feel my wrath.


Okay, so this little flash fic/poem thing was written from one of my characters POV in my sequel.  She's a really fun character to write... not because she's funny (quite the opposite, actually).  But it's more because she's so passionate.  Her daughter was taken away before she was imprisoned by the enemy, and she's determined to escape and then, well, pretty much destroy them.

Now, for the music and a few random things after.  This is In The Middle of the Night by my personal fav, Within Temptation:

Um... I'm not entirely sure what that picture is about, but this clip had the best sound quality out of all the other ones. So just ignore it and enjoy the music.

I'd like to apologize for posting so late today.  Fridays are our crazy days.  Not that the rest aren't crazy.  It's just that, out of all the others, Fridays are at the top.  It's our big skating day.

Speaking of skating, go check out my sister Alyssa's blog, Life is Good. Her whole A-Z theme is skating, and she's also competing in a big competition tomorrow, so wish her luck!

And if you want to know the crazy thing that happened to me yesterday, check this out. Actually, it happened more to my mom than it did to me, but still.  I would post about it, but I try not to be too repetitive-- I already do that enough in my novels!

Hope you guys have a Relaxing rest of the day (or evening, or morning, depending on where you live.)



Kelley Lynn said...

Another great excerpt. I definitely feel the passion.

And the hate.

Chuck said...

Great post Jess...I have been listening to some of Within Temptation and like a lot of their music...I really appreciate you turning me on to some new listening...good luck to your sis!

Reiko said...

One thing people should NEVER do is to mess with a mom with little ones to protect. It's the law of nature. She will fight to her death, if she must, to protect her young.

Well done, Jessica! Love, Grandma

Krista McLaughlin said...

Oooo, sounds very good! Revenge is great to write. I'm about the point in my WIP that my MC loses someone very important and will want revenge.

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

I enjoyed your poem!

meradeth said...

Definitely feeling the emotion in that bit! Sounds like a fun character to write about!

Leslie Rose said...

That is one strange computer glitch your mom experienced. I said to blame it on solar flares or an angry computer pixie. It's so cool your mom edits for you. My daughter edits for me.

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