Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Procrastination

P is for Procrastination

The friend you wish you never had.
That friend that comes around when it shouldn’t, causing trouble for everyone. When it’s with me, I don’t really mind. But afterword, I wish it had left me alone. Because it just leaves more work for me.
I know this friend well.
A little too well.


That pretty much sums up my ol' pal, Procrastination. We go waaay back, it and I. Usually, it comes by when I should be doing homework, or playing my violin or unloading the dishwasher. But today, it came to me when I should have been writing this blog post at 7:30 in the morning.

I had no idea what to write about. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to come up with anything. There were a lot of good emotions/traits that started with P. For example:

Peaceful, Playful, Petrified, Proud, Pure,Powerful, Pained, Placid, or even Pessimistic.

but I didn't feel like using any of them.

I thought that maybe (with the encouragement of my unbelievably annoying friend mentioned above) if I just waited, something would come to me. But of course, nothing did.

Big surprise, right?

And finally, I realized that I had to stop Procrastinating and get this blog post done. And then it hit me, the lovely word Procrastination popped into my head, and I realized that it was a good word to use for today!

Now, there aren't many songs about Procrastinating. And if there are, I'm not sure I've heard one of those. But, there are songs that get me out of a Procrastinating mood.

Here's Bittersweet by Within Temptation:

Sorry, I couldn't find a video with just the album cover. Just try to listen to the song before you read the lyrics, because sometimes the lyrics distract me from the melody. (Maybe it's totally different with you, but just a suggestion, lol.)

Finally, I'd just like to say that yesterday I officially finished the first draft of my sequel!! I always print out my first drafts so that I have a hard copy of each one. I'm not kidding, I used up an entire stack of paper from the store. My mom bought it just for me, because she knew I was going to use it all.

Luckily, it's bamboo paper or something, so it's supposed to be more green. I just printed out the last page, which brings book two to a grand total of approximately 112,000 words and 418 pages!!

Have a Perfect day!



Krista McLaughlin said...

Congrats on finishing your sequel! Very long!

I love... nah, I hate procrastination as a friend... more like frenemy. He never lets me get anything done!

Jemi Fraser said...

Procrastination can be such a pain! I think you did a great job getting around it! :)

Reiko said...

Very well written, Jessica! Even for an annoying topic (to you as a writer but not to me as a reader), you show your literary genius!

A life coach once told me to use procrastination as a sign. It is telling you, “You should figure out what you love the most and do them. You should also figure out what you don't like doing, and get someone else to do them for you." That way, you WILL get out of the habit of procrastination.

I think you ARE doing what you love the most, which is to write. Successful people follow their heart and do what comes natural to them. I think you are one of those very special people.

Love, Grandma

Angela Brown said...

Good stuff on finishing the first draft of your sequel. And yeah, Procrastination has a lot of friends, waaaay too many if you ask me. Yet somehow it has time to help all of us not focus on what we should do and just get it done. Oh procrastination, you are a bad friend.

Leslie Rose said...

Sadly, procrastination and I are BFFs. I've tried to shoo it away, but it keeps coming back. Whoo-hoo on finishing your draft. It's a rush isn't it?

Chuck said...

Procrastination should be the 8th deadly sin don't you think? Nice tune. Congrats on your draft...that's a lot of words. I am giving you a shout out on my S post this week.'s a secret or...a surprise...or something. That's three S's.

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