Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Wishful

W is for Wishful

Stars rise over the horizon, trailed silently by the moon.
Despite the darkness, only light courses through my veins.  They’re coming for me.  They haven’t given up.  Not yet.
And as long as they are searching, I’ll never give up hope.


Okay, and here's a song that I thought sounded wishful, called, Full Circle by Loreena McKennit:

Guys, I can't believe that today is already 'W'.  We only have three more days of the A-Z Challenge!  Isn't that a little sad?  It feels like it started only a few days ago.  Sheesh! Time really flies.

Have a Whimsically Wonderful day!



Dana said...

I've loved the challenge and will be sad when it's over. We're down to the hardest letters now. :)

Nicole said...

Yep, I can remember my first few days doing this year's challenge and can't believe we're reaching that victory lap. Time sure does fly! In all I read through your post, it's groovy to find someone else who also uses the word "Sheesh!" LOL. I say that all of the time.

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Jaime Morrow said...

Great snippet, Jessica! And I've been a Loreena McKennitt fan for almost twenty years now. :)

Angela Brown said...

It does seem the challenge only just started. But as with all good things, it is time this year's challenge neared it's end.

Lovely little litany of words about wishful thinking.

Reiko said...

I like your short story! Love, Grandma

Chuck said...

I am wishing I had something to post about after Monday :)

J. Burroughs said...

Way to go!

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