Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Unforgiving

U is for Unforgiving

“That’s it?”  I ask.
The man nods without remorse.  “Yes.  That’s it.  Unless you’d like your punishment to be more severe.”
 “I’m so sorry,” I whisper.
Sorry doesn’t buy your life back.”  He turns to the guards.  “Now get on with it.  Execute her and be done.”
The blade comes toward me, then all fades to black.


And here's the song What Have You Done by Within Temptation:

Very intense, I know.  It really inspired me though!  Don't know what it is about their music that I love so much!  I guess it just flows well with my train of thought.

Anyway, I'm about... 140 pages into editing my 5th draft of The Trials! Yay!

Although, that actually isn't much of my book, considering that it's an extremely long, 116,000 words (and counting.)

So, how long are your stories/novels/books?

I always feel like mine is a million pages long!  (Actually, 440 to be exact...)

Have an Uplifted day!!



Dana said...

I write poetry mainly, so my work isn't too long!

Have a wonderful day!

Angela Brown said...

We got two "U" words since uplifted snuck in near the end. Cool.

My novels tend to be between 60k to 75k.

Loved that bit of flash fiction and good luck with your edits :-)

Mel said...

I'm more of a short story writer, though I have every intention of writing a novel one day...one day...
Great post and good luck with editing!

McKenzie McCann said...

She's crying right before being executed and apologizing? Hmm, that makes me wonder what happened.

My word counts tend to run short in the early drafts, then usually bulk up 10,000-15,000 words in the second. My average book length is about 55k.

Betsy said...

oh, what a teaser you posted here! ha. Thanks for stopping by my blog...it's great to meet new people this way! Following back! :)

Chuck said...

Great post...could have also used the Unforgiven song from Metallica...but I like this one a lot. I have been listening to this band too, since reading your blog.

Reiko said...

My autobiography was originally well over 120,000 words. By the time the final version was published, much was edited out (by a professional editor) to provide a sharper focus to fit the biography genre better. The first half of my story was deemed to contain too much Japanese history. The second half was considered to contain too much information on investing, away from the biography genre.

The final version was 74,000 words, almost half of the original version. Based on the reviews I’ve been receiving, however, I’m happy with the much shorter version. Love, Grandma

sjp said...

Wonderfully intense and evokes alot in a few words, loved it

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