Monday, April 4, 2016

C is for…

Day three of the A to Z Challenge. I am still alive! :) My challenge theme is characters from my trilogy From the Ashes. So, let's get to it!

C is for…

Cal Indera

I was born in the year 352 After the Stellar Wars. My mother, Nhadya was a servant to the Empress of the Alliance, as was my father. I was told he died before I was born, though no one cared to mention how he died. My mother and the Empress were close. Best friends, you could say. Empress Lakari was like a second mother to me, and in a lot of ways, I was much more like her than my birth mother.

When I was 16, I was sent away. No one said why, that was just the wish of the Emperor. I didn't complain, though I wish I had, looking back on things. I was sent to work in a Reconstruction Camp in Vera Kaas. The Great Stellar Wars damaged many cities that are now under the tyrannous rule of the Alliance and that's what the Recon Camps were for. Rebuilding what was lost in the war. It was hard work, but when I was 17 I met the love of my life, Sarin. She was a year older than I, but she didn't know her last name. She was beautiful, she had the darkest brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. The sapphires in the royal palace did not compare to the blue of her eyes.

We were married when I was 21. She was 22. And several years later, we had a child. Sarin died in childbirth. Devastation doesn't come close to describing the pain of losing my wife, but my daughter Amara gave me more to live for. She changed everything for me. I wanted the best for her, so I tried to get her into a Gifted School, but they would not accept her. She was proclaimed an Inferior, as was I.

She had a fire in her I had never seen in anyone else. She knew she was meant for more. Amara was very unpopular with the local security, she tried escaping camp more than once before the age of 11. When she was 13, we were sent with a new Recon group to Rellyne. We were needed to build an IA outpost. The natives of Rellyne put up a fight now and then. Once, the Alliance forces started to open fire on village children. I stood in front of the troops and they stopped.

That's how I died. I was executed by Lucius Marris. He made my 15 year old daughter an orphan. I pray she finds forgiveness in her heart.


This is the sad story of Cal Indera. If you have read From the Ashes, Cal Indera is not written into the story, seeing as he dies long before Jaina, my main character, is born.

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Thank you for visiting everyone! Check out more A to Z participants here! Also, I'm starting a thing where I'm posting links to my 5 favorite A to Z posts for the day, so leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can read your post!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

How sad he died defending others.

Samra said...

Interesting narration.His really was a sad life, losing his love first then himself.

Amy Morris-Jones said...

This is a good idea for your A-Z posts! I like that you've written from the perspective of the character. Do you usually have a good idea of the character's backstory before writing? I tend to work out who the character is as I'm writing, but then I have to go back and refine that in the revising phase. --Amy @

betty said...

This is a sad story! So much tragedy in his short life!


Doree Weller said...

Interesting character, and an interesting idea, having your characters tell their stories.
@DoreeWeller from
Doree Weller’s Blog

Clare said...

:( Cal Indera's story is very sad. Brilliantly described, though. I'm very intrigued by "From the Ashes."

Thanks for the shoutout to my entry! :D

Patrick Stahl said...

Very interesting. I can see him being a good protagonist if you ever wanted to write a prequel story.

Pat Garcia said...

First, thank you so much for choosing The Child and The Prophet as one of your five favorite blogs for the day. I love the history you gave in the post and it inspires me to read from "From the Ashes."

Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

Jade C. Jamison said...

Hi, Jessica! This is a great idea for the A-to-Z Challenge and adds depth to work you've already written. Best of luck! ~ Jade

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