Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for…

My A to Z Challenge theme is: Characters from my From the Ashes trilogy!

D is for…


My name is Altair Kasev. My mother committed suicide before I can remember, my father never told me why. I lived with him for some time, and then I was transferred to the Gifted School of Virana. The first few years were a blur, but I remember being friends with Liam and Jaina. They were my best friends. When I was 8, I discovered I had a stranger power. I didn't know how to use it, it would just take control of me now and then, making a mess of things.

It was because of this and my nightmares that I was sent away. I don't know where it was, somewhere near Virana I presume. I missed my father, I missed Jaina and Liam. They gave me medicine, and used what I can only describe now as a torture device. When I was 11, my father came to free me, and he took me home.

I was moved to a new school where I met my best friend, who would later become my worst enemy. Azad Viraak. He helped me train to be the best warrior in the school, and in the end, he became jealous. His sister, Rasha, fell in love with me.

My father would bring me home from school each summer. I never trusted the Masters at the Gifted Schools, I never really agreed with anything the Imperial Alliance did either. When I found out my father was part of the Resistance, at first I felt slightly betrayed. Yet as time went on, I began to respect him for that. I joined him, and during each summer, I would carry out small missions for the Resistance.

My last year in school with Azad, I did something terrible. I cannot admit to it, not here, not now. It's what caused me to hide behind this name, Dragon. I know I was justified in doing what I did, I couldn't put the Resistance or my father or Jaina in danger. But there are times when I know I did wrong. I was so wrong. I fear that the Darkness has consumed my soul.


This is the story of Altair (Dragon) Kasev! Thank you for visiting!! Also, my favorite D posts of the day:

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betty said...

Dragon sounds like an interesting character. Sad to have lost a mother that way through suicide.


betty said...

LOL; forgot to say (senior moment here); thanks for highlighting my post on your blog :)


Clare said...

Dragon sounds fascinating. I'd love to know what they did to become an outcast!

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