Monday, April 11, 2016

H & I are for…

My A to Z Challenge theme is: characters from my series, From the Ashes.

So I missed posting on Saturday, and now I'm late posting for today, so here go H and I together today.

H is for…

Draco Haidryn

Where and when I was born matters little. I'm a self made man, and I'm rich as hell. And I'm probably the closest to royalty you'll ever get. Have you noticed my confidence? Good. It's my best quality. I'm trusted with incredibly top secret information as well. I know my ways in the Imperial Alliance. You want to know more about me? Come inside my mansion and we can talk.


If you couldn't tell, Draco Haidryn is a pretty boring person, and he's really just all about money and sex. Yeah, super boring. Now on to the next one.

I is for…

The Imperial Alliance

The Imperial Alliance is the most powerful nation thus far in the history of mankind (and a few other species of humanoid too). It rose from the ashes of The Great Stellar Wars, and the Emperors, past and present, lead the nation. When the nation was founded, monarchy and democracy were bound together, giving rise to the leadership of the Emperor, with suggestions from the senate.

Alliance rule is strict, and those who oppose the ideals of the Emperor tend to disappear. It is for the safety of civilization, to prevent a war as horrific as the Stellar Wars from ever happening again. The Alliance does all it can for the people. The people are assigned jobs according to genetic makeup and personality. A lucky few children can enter Gifted Schools to create a better future for the Alliance and humanity in general.


Sorry for being so late today, and having to post H and I together! You can definitely say I put this together last minute, so forgive me lovelies.

Dont' forget to check out other A to Z Participants here, and my new blog My Unofficial Guide To Everything, where tomorrow I will be posting about ways to channel or reduce anxiety and stress.

Have a wonderful rest of the day everyone!



Pat Garcia said...

What a dynamic world you have created in your book. Your character Draco is hopefully going to get an attitude change.
Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sex is boring?
Actually he sounds like a pompous you-know-what.

Liz A. said...

Yeah, I'd avoid Draco. Sounds like he's compensating for something...

Liz A. from
Laws of Gravity

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