Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for… (+ IWSG Post)

My A to Z Challenge theme is: characters from my From the Ashes trilogy.

E is for…

The Emperor of the Imperial Alliance

The first Emperor of the Alliance was a war hero who helped unite many of the star systems following The Great Stellar Wars. He came into power in the year 0, according to the ASW (After the Stellar Wars) calendar. His name has been long forgotten, yet the people of the Alliance refer to him as The One True Emperor. The Emperor had a half-brother, Varyn, who was promoted to the commander in chief of the IA forces.

The Legend of The One True Emperor:

The One True Emperor had risen above humanity. His eyes had been opened by the power of Darkness and Light, and in that moment he saw all that ever was and all that could be. In the moment of Darkness, he saw the jealousy of his half-brother. Upon seeing this, The One True Emperor saw to it that Varyn must die. And so it was done. Yet in the moment of Light, The One True Emperor saw all Varyn's life before him, he saw that he should pity him, he saw that Varyn needed love. The One True Emperor's powers transcended the physical world, and he brought Varyn's soul back from what lies beyond.

The rule of Life and Death was broken, the soul of Varyn was not meant to return. It happened that only those who looked for Varyn could see him. He was the shadow of a cheated life, and he became the symbol of Death. His life was owed to The One True Emperor, and so he took the lives of those that opposed His Holiness. Henceforth, he would be known as The Shadow Hunter.

After the Emperor's death, popular culture would say that the soul of The Shadow Hunter would go on to serve every Emperor born of the First Emperor's bloodline. The First Emperor created The Trials and put in place a strong government, and a senate for the people of the IA. He brought upon an era of glory to better the economy, the worlds, and the people. To this day, in the year 327 After the Stellar Wars, his legacy lives on. All hail The Emperor of the Imperial Alliance!


As you can see, I kind of wrote this as propaganda for the Imperial Alliance, the oppressive government in the From the Ashes trilogy. This is the history and legend of the Emperor and his legacy across the centuries.

Also, today is IWSG post day, so here we go really quick

I'm honestly super insecure about being able to finish the A to Z Challenge right now. Like…I have some of my posts pre-written, but I have no idea what I'm going to write once it gets to the letter Q, I have not thought that far! No one's name starts with a Q in my story, so I'm seriously going to have to figure this out quickly. That's my biggest insecurity for this month! What's yours?

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Thank you all for visiting! Today, I will add to this post my top 3-5 A to Z "E" posts, so don't forget to comment and leave a link to your blog so I can visit you! Don't forget to check out more IWSG posts, other A to Z Challenge Participants, and my new blog which needs some new followers: My Unofficial Guide To Everything.

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Beth Lapin said...

Congrats on joining the A-Z Blog Challenge!
Beth Lapin
Activities for a Good Life

Crystal Collier said...

I love the history behind The Emperor. It's amazing how much knowledge gets lost over time, and building that type of reality into a story is such a real-feeling experience.

Crystal Collier

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

For Q, instead of a character, why don't you focus on a question in the story?

Erika said...

I don't know how you do it! I couldn't keep up with all the letters every day. I applaud you. Your efforts are awesome. I like Alex's suggestion about a question...and X...hmmm...I think of X Ray and maybe an internal perspective..,

Patrick Stahl said...

I think my favorite part is his birth year.

Liz A. said...

Very interesting backstory. It sounds like propaganda, so I'm sure the truth is a bit more complex.

As for Q, you may have to cheat. Is there a "quiet" character? A queen? You could talk about a quest. Pick up a dictionary and flip it to Q. You'd be amazed at what can jolt you to a topic. (It's how I do my what ifs during A to Z.)

Leandra Wallace said...

I admire anyone who can do A-Z! So far, I just can't think of anything that I could do for an entire month. Maybe one year!

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