Wednesday, April 27, 2016

V & W are for…

My A to Z Challenge theme is: characters from my trilogy, From the Ashes.

V is for…

Dezar Viraak

I used to feel guilty about murder. I was 14 when I first killed a man. He was a general with a weakness for alcohol. I didn't do it for money, I did it for revenge. He killed my mother.

I never intended to make murder my career. I was on the run from the law, working at a bar. I was 15, but I looked 18 and had a fake ID, and the owner of the bar liked that I worked hard. That's when Jamal Tel found me, and threatened to expose my true identity. We came to an agreement, if I could assassinate his political nemesis within a month, he'd pay me 10,000 Imperial Ariks. Seemed worth it.

These days I don't take a job that pays less than a million.

I completed the job in less than a week.

I had a steady job of assassination after that from many different customers. Don't know how they found me, I never asked.

If you had known me back then, you would have seen that I wasn't the killer type. Then again, no one in their right mind is. Now I do it for the money. It pays well, keeps food on the table, and helps me support my two children and the woman I love.

I don't feel guilty about it anymore. Not at all. Maybe it's a coping mechanism, but through all the madness, and all the blood, I found someone I love. Her name is Ana. Can't imagine why she loves me, she knows what I do.

Now I have a daughter and a son. My children and Ana are everything to me.


W is for…

(Since nothing starts with W, I'm just doing a little excerpt from Book 2, The Inferiors.)

We take the lift downstairs in silence. When we reach the bottom, I walk through the lobby and out of my apartment complex. He follows close behind me as I lead us into the pale light of the late morning.
My apartment is built on the outskirts of the Crystal City Plaza. It's a large expanse of area paved with white Tarnoshian marble. Ever few meters or so, there are gardens that line the fountains where strange, unfamiliar birds hop around and bathe in sunlight. They're smaller and more colorful than any of the birds I had known on Virana. Their songs are more intricate, and they sound more like wind chimes than birds.
Things were so different back home.
The air is more stale, the gentle breeze less…real. There is not a breath of disorder, and it makes everything feel so wrong.  

I hope you enjoyed my post for today!

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alexia said...

Cool, we both have character profiles up on our blog! I'm not doing A to Z, though. Dezar sounds very intense! I like it :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Dezar lives a desperate life. It might one day catch up to him.

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