Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for…

My A to Z Challenge theme is: characters from my trilogy, From the Ashes.

K is for…

Kavi Agni

I was born in the year 410 After the Stellar Wars. I'll admit, I don't play a large role in the future, not that I can imagine anyway. I don't mind. I was given a mission a long time ago, and I never thought it would get this far. Sometimes I doubt myself, sometimes I wonder why the hell I singed up for this in the first place.

My best friend is Jaina Indera. She doesn't know the truth yet, but she will. There will be no hope for freedom if she stays on her current path. I need help, I need serious help with her, I can't change her mind on my own.


Thanks for visiting today everyone! I'm so sorry for posting so late again, today has been so busy. Don't worry, in the fun way!

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Have a wonderful day!


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